Saturday, March 27, 2010

And So It Begins...

The 2010 Easter/Zombie Marathon has begun!


It took us by surprise, too.

Once Dr. Girlfriend returned home after doing her nightly duties making sure that the day's news was properly grammar'd up and formatted for the masses, we settled in to catch up on our recorded TV viewing for the week, beginning with this week's Mid-Season Finale of Caprica and ending with the glorious return of Supernatural.

Then, lo and behold! We realized that both shows were focused on the resurrection theme of our planned week of undead goodies, and before we'd realized it, the Marathon had begun.

Caprica's "End of Line" featured, without too many spoilers, the return of the Virtual Undead Tamara, and lots of dramatic twists and turns and possibly the deaths of a couple of characters.

It all felt a little rushed, with scenes being cut quickly rather than being allowed to breathe. And by the end of the hour we were surprised by just how much plot had been crammed in. There were cliffhangers galore, and who knows when we'll be seeing the show again.

No, seriously. When is it coming back? Is there a date set, yet?

So visions of the dead, confrontations with the dead, and one dead girl walking the earth later, Caprica wrapped up a pretty successful opening half of a season. If it was too slow for you, then watch Survivor. I'm sure someone's eating a rat or betraying someone over there.

Leave the thinking, and the amazing acting, to us.

Supernatural jumped right into the Resurrection Theme with this week's episode, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid." Borrowing a note from the French return of the dead film Les Revenants (They Came Back) (you can check out my comments about it here), the dead are returning not as horrible flesh-eaters, but just as they were when they died. Except paler.

Of course, being Supernatural, things don't stay that way, but it's yet another very nicely done episode of a series that is having its best season yet. It has a lot of good character work with Bobby (Jim Beaver, of Deadwood fame) and lots of head shots for you old-schoolers out there.

Seriously. If you've ever enjoyed fun horror/action shows on TV, Supernatural is one you should try to catch up with. They've recently announced that there will be a sixth season, so if the Apocalypse isn't as final as it looks like it's going to be, we'll still have loads more fun on the way.

And with that, The 2010 Easter/Zombie Marathon is off and, er, shambling.

Tonight, we'll be checking out the Canadian film, Pontypool. More on that, tomorrow.

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