Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Marathon Grand Finale!!

Les Revenants / They Came Back (2004)

It's French. Do I need to say more?


It's French and intellectual. But seriously. This was pretty good, even if there was no brain munching. Essentially, everyone who's died over the past 10 years just suddenly came walking out of the cemeteries where they were buried. No decay or strange hungers; just absent stares and an urge to go walking around at night, meet up with other previously dead folks, and mumble to each other. It's kind of like suddenly having millions of autistic people suddenly wanting back into your life after you've gotten over the whole grieving process and moved on with your life.

There were quite a few genuinely creepy moments, and a few just plain odd ones. It's well worth a viewing, especially if you have some wine and cheese to accompany the creeping ennui.

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