Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Woeful Wednesday Double Feature

Italian Double Feature:

City of the Living Dead /Gates of Hell (1980)

Just a few quick comments. Maybe more later. I would have named this film Entrails Vomiting Maggot Storm. I liked that it took place in Dunwich, but jeez, after giving so much time and attention to the New Yorkers, I was expecting them to play a larger part, or any part, in closing the Gates of Hell.

Demons (1985)

We had company last night who had to leave before this finished. If you're reading this, you missed a guy on a motorcycle using a samurai sword to kill demons, while his girl rode behind him. Then a mad dash through a desolate city, chased by demons, while the music of Saxon played.


But only a little.

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  1. CotLD - I think I saw this. I just remember waiting for a hellish necropolis of the dead that never arrived.

    Demons - Oh, yeah. Heh. Heh, heh. Fun.

    Side note: I've noticed that the word verification for commenting here has been getting stranger and stranger. Today's is "cokrun." I dare you to use it in a sentence.