Monday, February 20, 2012

Coffee, Sex, & Creation READY TO BUY!

A project years in the making! Sort of. Well, really what this is is a collection of short stories, the bulk of which made up my Master's creative thesis project.

After years of neglect, I decided to break it out, do some editing, and self-publish four of the stories, along with 5 new 100-word flash fiction pieces. The entire project centers around the fictional college town of Flannery, WV (which also made an appearance in my novel, The Unraveling).

This Kindle-Only collection is titled, Coffee, Sex, & Creation and for a measly .99 you get around 100 pages of drama, hallucinations, magical realism, sex, smoking, murder, clowns, and Kojaks - how can you pass that up?

Here are the main stories:

  • "Coffee, Sex, & Creation" - three young women dealing with love, sex, and art. While drinking a lot of coffee.
  • "Awakening" - a man suffers horrifying dreams and hallucinations. Or are they dreams and hallucinations?
  • "Stuck in the Middle with You" - A clown convention, a Telly Savalas lookalike convention, and a family trapped in between.
  • "Words, Words, Words" - a dark fantasy about the magic of writing

Snazzy, eh? That cover photograph is by the lovely and talented Dr. Girlfriend, by the way.