Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Reviews: Week of August 1

Skaar: Son of Hulk #2

Black Panther #39

From the Pages of DUH Magazine...

RAND | News Release | U.S. Should Rethink "War On Terrorism" Strategy to Deal with Resurgent Al Qaida

And it only took 7 years of conservative think tank study to figure this stuff out? Almost everything listed in this report was the common sense response to the fucking brain-damaged conservative plans since we fucking practically abandoned the conflict in fucking Afghanistan.

Fucking idiots.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grace Jones is 60 and Bad-Ass...

ComicCon news that gets me excited...

New Umbrella Academy on the way (no pun intended).

Seaguy 2 and 3 on the way.

Devil's Due / Humanoids Press publishing deal.

David Mack adapting Philip K. Dick's "Electric Ant."

Boom! Studio's Farscape series, written by Rockne O'Bannon.

Mike Grell doing new Warlord ongoing series.

Hardback collections of Swamp Thing and Preacher!!!

Ennis and Dillon Punisher minseries.

Punisher War Zone red band trailer (tempered by the rumor that the director has been kicked out now that the filming is over and the editing is nearly finished).

Aranofsky directing new Robocop film.

Zoe Bell in Brubaker's Angel of Death online video series.

I want to be excited about Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan's Red Sonja film, but I just can't do it.

Machete film gets me all worked up, though!

I may be forgetting a thing or two...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're Dying Even Faster...

BBC NEWS | Americas | US slips down development index

The report found that the US ranked 42nd in the world for life expectancy despite spending more on health care per person than any other country.

Overall, the American Human Development Report ranked the world's richest country 12th for human development.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Wanna Dress Your Children Like Cult-members? Have I Got the Site For You!

FLDS Dress
This site is dedicated to provide children with
clothing that meets the FLDS standards for modesty
and neatness. Our commitment is to offer quality,
handmade, modest, affordable clothing.
Each piece is made with joy and care.


They Bite! - Ugly Bug Faces

If alien life ever shows up and turns out to look like either insects or deep sea fish, then prepare for a long and bloody war.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some Sneaky Patriot Act Bullshit

A run for your money :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Terry Savage

You probably didn't notice this little provision inserted into the Heroes Act of 2008, passed by Congress on June 17.

The headlines in the press release about the law were about the increased benefits for veterans and families of deceased military.

But Richard Kohan of Price WaterhouseCoopers drew my attention to one section of the act -- the portion that states anyone voluntarily giving up his or her citizenship will be taxed on ALL of his assets as if he or she had sold them -- paying capital gains on assets that have increased in value, even though they have not been sold!

That's right. While everyone in the media is focused on keeping aliens out of America, Congress has voted to lock its citizens -- or at least a good portion of their assets -- into -- America! Maybe they're thinking that patriotism won't be enough to keep the smart money from recognizing the coming increases in the tax burden.

Some People (You Know Who) Are Freaking Idiots...

Bill Nye in Waco

The Emmy-winning scientist angered a few audience members when he
criticized literal interpretation of the biblical verse Genesis 1:16,
which reads: “God made two great lights — the greater light to govern
the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the

He pointed out that the sun, the “greater light,” is but one of
countless stars and that the “lesser light” is the moon, which really
is not a light at all, rather a reflector of light.

A number of audience members left the room at that point, visibly angered by what some perceived as irreverence.

“We believe in a God!” exclaimed one woman as she left the room with three young children.