Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day Four: Vengeance of the Zombies (1973)

Ah, Paul Naschy. What would Spanish Horror Film be without you?

Don't answer that.

Vengeance of the Zombies is a film that is entertaining, but really not very good. Although, to give Naschy credit, he doesn't look like a young Dick Cheney in this one (like he did in Frankenstein's Bloody Terror), but he's still one shorty and meaty dude. And he's got his shirt off for a while in this one.

Not to give anything thing away, but Naschy plays an Indian mystic named Krisna, his hideously burnt and insane Voodoo powered brother, Kantaka, and Satan in a poorly orchestrated nightmare sequence.

It seems that Kantaka was lusting after an English girl many years ago, but she was just teasing him. So, what else could he do? He raped her. That's what.

So her parents and three other English families all got together, trapped Kantaka someplace and set it on fire. Thinking he was dead, they went on their merry way, until now, years later, each family has a daughter that dies mysteriously, only to be reborn as Kantaka's zombies.

But we don't get all that at once. Instead we get a lot of Krisna acting enlightened before bedding the only surviving daughter of one of Kantaka's targeted families. I think Kantaka was controlling Krisna with Voodoo, too, but to be honest, I kind of lost interest in this one as it went along.

Even though there were boobies.

The first boobies of the zombie fest, actually.

That's pretty much it for this one. Tedious and not titillating in the least. I think one would have to be intoxicated to really enjoy this one. It's not even a so bad it's good kind of thing. It's just blah.

In an introductory segment, Paul Naschy discusses just how crazy and scary this film is. In his words, this is the most frightening Spanish horror film of all time.

That's just sad.

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