Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day Four Point Two: Sugar Hill (1974)

Tonight's second feature was much better.

Sugar Hill (also known as The Zombies of Sugar Hill) is a blackspoitation revenge film with a heavy dose of Voodoo Justice.

Sugar Hill's fiance is killed by gangsters because he won't sell his club (Club Haiti), so they beat him to death in his own parking lot. Sugar's related to a Voodoo Priestess who summons Baron Samedi to help her get revenge. He gives her control over a zombie army and she kills her enemies one by one.

And that's pretty much it for the story.

But it's a lot of fun getting there.

The deaths are not as gruesome as they could be, but they're working with a pretty limited budget. The most impressive effect was definitely the eyes of the zombies. They looked as though they were made of silver, or highly reflective glass. I assume they were just covers, but whatever they were, the zombies were creepy and might just show up in my nightmares tonight.

Marki Bey sells her role as Sugar as hard as she can. When she has to feel grief she shouts at the sky. When she's getting her revenge, she's hard ass. And she looks good doing it, too, with her straightened hair being replaced by an afro whenever she's in Kill Whitey mode. It was actually a subtle touch, and I liked it.

Don Pedro Colley as Baron Samedi also does a pretty good job with his role. The Baron is always around, using different accents and dialects to draw in his prey, before setting his zombie hordes on them. I'm such a Voodoo sucker, though, I enjoy just about any appearance by Baron Samedi in just about any Voodoo tinged film.

If you can track this one down, and have a few beers handy, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. It's not the best movie we've watched so far, but it's definitely not the worst.

And there really are zombies in it, so that's a plus!

Here's an added treat! The trailer!

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