Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Finish Line

So NaBloPoMo is finally over!

And yes, I am going to wuss out with a final post that really doesn't accomplish much.

Thanks to everybody who's been reading.

There will be more soon, particularly once Dr. Girlfriend and I decide on our next film festival subject matter.  We'd appreciate any suggestions that you folks might make.  Right now I'm leaning toward Assassins in Film, or perhaps Director-Specific runs of films (David Cronenberg and/or John Carpenter are at the top of my list), but I'd love to hear some ideas of what others might want to watch, read and talk about.

Now I'm going to go pretend I don't have a blog for a couple of days.

See ya!


  1. I'm a big Carpenter fan, so I'd have lots of comments if you chose him, and I've not seen as much Cronenberg as I'd like, so it would be interesting to see you tackle him, especially if you follow him through his recent career change.

  2. If we do a director, I want to follow them from their first to latest. At least for the films that I know are sort of kind of good.

    Carpenter lets us out early in that respect. I don't think we'd be watching much past In the Mouth of Madness for that one.

    I think the Cronenberg idea would be more fun and educational.

  3. Yeah, after Mouth, Carpenter does go off the boil somewhat, although Cigarette Burns is okay. He's got a new film either out now or out soon, a cheap thing called The Ward.

    I find Cronenberg's career fascinating, this move from cheap but intelligent B-movies, through to bigger Hollywood films dealing with the same themes, then the recent switch to Gangster Films With Viggo Mortensen In Them, which seem to have nothing to do with his previous films. I'd love to ask him if that's a sign of him having answered his questions about sex and the human body, or if it's just a phase.

  4. I agree entirely with the Carpenter statement. I quite enjoyed Cigarette Burns, even if it didn't quite come together in the end.

    Did you hear that Cronenberg's new film is about Freud and Jung?

  5. Indeed I did, although it does have Viggo Mortensen in it.