Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, we've reached the halfway point for National Blog Posting Month (I don't feel right calling it NaBloPoMo, as that sounds kind of dirty), and I'm going to take this opportunity to relax a little bit and post something a little shorter than normal.

Over on the Most Diverse Comics Webzine on the Internet, Comicsbulletin.com, I am one of three writers who regularly contribute to a weekly column called, What Looks Good.  (Short Plug: I also contribute to Flashbacks of Ol' Marvel, or F.O.O.M., which looks back at classic moments from Marvel Comics (I've been focusing on critiquing the Marvel Live Action Films from the very beginning and am just about to hit the 1990 Captain America movie) and am the sole writer of Mondo Marvel, where I am reading all of Marvel's 1960s comic output in chronological order and writing about it.)  The three of us take trade off weeks and, Matt Spatola, Chris Murman, and myself, all have very different approaches to our weeks at bat.

Matt holds the traditional line by providing mainstream comic suggestions, sharing some Indy spotlights, and discussing the events and news of the Industry that catch his attention.

Chris opts for short pieces that explore his feelings about the Comics Industry, combined with a three-pronged approach of sharing titles he Knows he'll like, those he Thinks he'll like, and things that look awful, which he has tagged Loeb.

If you're into comics, that will make sense to you.

For my contributions, I've started taking it in a different direction.  I'm kind of sick of comics right now.  They're expensive and while I think we're experiencing a high point in creative talent, I'm not finding all that much that actually catches my attention.  So I've started writing about DVDs and Blu-rays, Movies, Music, and Television Shows that I think Look Good.

Anyway, this week I was up to bat, and here's a little something I call What Looks Good #335: Fast, Furious, and Looking Good.

Yes, that is week 335 of this column, but to be honest with you, the three of us have only been writing the column regularly since Januaryish.  The column was the brainchild of Michael Diaz, launched back in 2003.  Life got in the way and he had to put the column aside last year, but rather than let What Looks Good die out, Matt, Chris, and I were recruited to keep it going.  And it really does take all three of us to do the job that Michael did.

Take a peek and let me know, either on the message board over there or here on my site, if there's anything good I'm missing out on.

But just so you know, here's a taste of the sort of thing I think looks AMAZING!!!  It's ROBOGEISHA!

That's directed by Noboru Iguchi, the writer/director of Machine Girl, with special effects overseen by Yoshihiro Nishimura, the director of Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, and co-director of the upcoming Mutant Girls Squad (with Iguchi and Tak Sakaguchi, who starred in cult classic Versus).

And with that, we move into the back half of National Blog Posting Month.


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