Thursday, September 11, 2008


TOKYOMANGO: Trend report: women who want to date withered old men

There's a new dating trend in Japan. No, it's not beautiful Korean boys or geeks from Akiba—those are so last year. Now young women are looking for "kareoyaji", or withered old men. Here are some of the traits of this highly desirable, elder guy, according to a book titled Do You LIke Ojisan?:

- He likes alone time.
- He looks good in back alleys.
- He drinks beer out of bottles, not cans.
- He likes cats more than dogs.
- There's a neighborhood a bar that he frequents alone.
- He's a nonchalant know-it-all.
- He doesn't aggressively chase after money or women.
- He accepts his age.

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