Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SFPD Creative Crime Writing

Do as I say.

Go here. This is the San Francisco Police Department Community Update site. "Community Updates is a weekly information newsletter to inform the Northern District residents of incidents in the district."

Someone writing up these reports is taking the time to get creative. It's very very entertaining. Try starting out with July 19. It opens a .pdf file. Once open, scroll down to July 14th: 1:31 PM, Loitering for the Purpose of Narcotics Sales.

Here's an excerpt: "Challenging anyone to a fight is a misdemeanor. Challenging Jim Kreps to a fight is just plain foolish. Kreps is a big guy who is light on his feet and carries himself like a pugilist. His strength, however, is his professionalism."

This is excellent! I'm gonna go read more now.

edit - 2:52AM

Holy crap! Check out the Tuesday, May 24th link. The first full entry is for May 16th at 8:55AM. It's bloody brilliant! Even better than the Officer Kreps entry above!

Check this out: "Now the officer who had been running to keep pace with him closed in, and fear of capture charged the fleeing man like a cattle prod. He had just enough time to squeeze in front of the officer and run up a set of stairs, but it would be close. He could plainly hear the officer’s boots hit the pavement behind him. "Stop, police!" If he just concentrated on running, maybe that stolid mask of determination behind him would fade away. He took two stairs at a time."

This is good stuff!

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