Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Poll: Majority Reject Evolution

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51% of those polled believe "God" created humans in their current form, while 30% believe humans evolved, but "God" "guided" the process. Only 15% believe that "God" did not guide the process (which, I suppose, sidesteps the question of the existence of "God" and just asserts that "He/She/It" has better things to do). All the results are stated in the past tense as if the evolutionary process is finished and we are its pinnacle.

As someone who doesn't believe in "God", I find this very depressing. But as someone who believes in evolution, at least there's a total of 45% who support that in some form. Although it is only a random sample of 808 adults with a +/- margin of 4 points.

When did science become a matter of public opinion?

At least the Women's Movement was deemed worthwhile in another poll.

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