Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Severance (2006)
Directed by Christopher Smith

This film is awesome!

Easily the best film so far, and quite possibly the best horror film I've seen in a good long while.

The story is simple enough: A sales group for an international weapons company are off for a Team-Building Retreat, when they are sidetracked, hunted, and murdered by... well, I'll let you watch the film to see what's what.

Christopher Smith is without question the most inventive and entertaining young director of any of the films we've watched so far.  Not only is the writing clever and frightening at the same time, the direction is inventive and energetic, bringing a flair to the storytelling that neither of the previous films came close to even attempting.

I truly believe that the best, the most enjoyable, horror films are the ones that use humor to soften us up and make us like the characters before the really violent and horrible stuff starts happening, and this film is a textbook example of this technique.

The cast is diverse and funny.  The writing is intelligent and clever.  The violence is bloody and disturbing.

What more could one want?

I can safely say, without hesitation, that I will watch anything Christopher Smith directs from this point on.  As soon as we were finished watching this film, I immediately put his earlier film, Creep, and his later film, Triangle, into my Netflix queue.  I can't wait to see them!

And as soon as Black Death is available, I'm all over it, too.

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