Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Film Festival: NEW UK HORROR!

Back in June I read this in The Guardian.  It's a very interesting article about a new wave of British Horror Film and the directors involved.  And with that, a future film festival concept was born.

And with Halloween coming up, Dr. Girlfriend and I decided to launch ourselves into a New UK Horror film fest and see what happens.

I'll be posting reviews of each of the films we watch, as we go along.  I might not be all that speedy, but I hope to be fairly thorough.

Here's the schedule:
Sunday: Deathwatch (2002) - Dir. Michael J. Bassett
Monday: Wild Country (2005) - Dir. Craig Strachan
Tuesday: Severance (2006) - Dir. Christopher Smith
Wednesday: The Descent (2006) - Dir. Neil Marshall
Thursday: The Cottage (2008) - Dir. Andrew Williams
Friday: The Disappeared (2008) - Dir. Johnny Kevorkian
Saturday: The Reeds (2009) - Dir. Nick Cohen

And if we have time, I'm interested in seeing The Dead Outside (2010), directed by Kerry Anne Mullany, and maybe more by Christopher Smith.

And to be quite honest, we're only watching The Descent to re-evaluate it, as neither Dr. Girlfriend nor myself enjoyed it the first time around, but just about everyone else we know seems to have loved it.  We might watch Dog Soldiers instead if the urge hits (since they're both directed by Neil Marshall and we both already know it's good).

And we're off!

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