Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes, Mr. Martini, You Were Right...

Chicago chef is tops!

After mocking Mr. Martini's affection for this show (Top Chef, for the uninitiated) I gave it a shot one evening while bored, and maybe a little drunk.

And I was hooked.

I was a fan of Richard from the very beginning (which for me, was probably about 5 episodes in), despite his annoying faux-hawk, and was happy to see him make it to the final three.

Good showings from everyone last night, and the winner (who's name I won't reveal here - it's in the link) really did deserve to win.

I guess that means you know it wasn't Lisa. Heh heh.
4% of the call-in vote. Priceless.

edit: No. Mr. Martini is not an affectionate name for my alcoholic tendencies. He's real. Sort of. You'd have to ask him about that.

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  1. Yeah, those reality shows are addicting. Just catch one a couple times and you can be hooked. This happened to me with "Shear Genius" - a reality competition show about hairdressers, and one about interior design (which admittedly I am kinda into the subject, but still...) which I can't remember the name of but also got hooked on. I think both of these were on Bravo.