Saturday, June 07, 2008


So did you hear the one about the computer that refused to boot? There's no joke there. Just the sad fact that my computer is dead. Try as I might, the hard drive would not take the boot.ini file no matter how many times I rebuilt it. No matter how many times.

On the plus side, though, I was able to salvage just about everything that I wanted desperately to salvage, and a new machine is on the way. A modern machine. Not a piece of equipment I hobbled together out of spare parts.

So yay, me!

This also means that since it was the hard drive that went kaput, the rest of the machine is in fine working order. So Dr. Girlfriend gets an upgrade!

I am typing this from the shell and guts of my old machine but with her tired old machine's brain. And it works! I actually touched a piece of computer equipment and didn't kill it!

Which can't be said for the guts of her old machine. I tried slotting my damaged hard drive into it, with the hope of reinstalling XP and salvaging a BUNCH of stuff (replaceable stuff - but a lot of it), and instead killed her machine dead. No power. Nothing.

Sorry, Doc.

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  1. fun. But you're getting a new computer which is always a happy day!