Friday, May 18, 2007

Best of the Week - May 18, 2007

Okay, here's another go-around.

Best Movie: Well, I didn't make it out to the theater this week, and I'm really looking forward to 28 Weeks Later. But since I haven't seen it yet, it doesn't make the list. The week started off strong with a viewing of The Giant Spider Invasion and multiple flashbacks to my original childhood viewing of the film. Nostalgia almost makes this the best of the week, but not quite.

Saw The Fountain Tuesday night, and though the girlfriend did not care for it, I was very impressed. Solid acting from Wolverine and the girl from The Mummy. Very nice visual sense that more than makes up for that dreadful piece of crap (that everyone else seems to love) Requiem for a Dream. Ugh.

I don't know why reviewers found this film to be confusing. Of course reviewers are usually barely literate, much less able to follow a non-linear narrative. Anyway, it was pretty good, I thought, and was definitely the best movie I saw all week.

Best TV: Heroes didn't make the cut. It wasn't bad, and the fist-through-the-head bit was pretty nicely done, but the big payoff is going to be next week's finale.

Lost came close, but I generally don't care for the Charlie-centric episodes and this was one of them. Nice twists and turns, but not quite up to last week's excitement. Season finale for this one is next week too!

No, for me the best of the week was The Office season finale. It really had everything: comedy, drama, romance, horror, and something else, I'm sure. Dwight Schrute, co-manager of a bed and breakfast in Hell was inspired. As was the exchange rate between Schrute Bucks and Stanley nickels.

After next week there'll be no new American tv that I know of (or that I'm interested in), although I think NBC is going to burn off the Studio 60 episodes they have banked. After that, who knows?

Last week's Doctor Who almost made the top of the list this week for some reason. It just clicked with me, but the previews for the rest of the season look incredible. Captain Jack returns and Derek Jacobi plays a role!!! I expect it will be what I talk about most in this spot in the weeks to come, along with catching up on episodes of the new season of Trailer Park Boys.

Best Reading Material: I read the first 2 volumes of the manga, Dragon Head, but wasn't too impressed. I don't know if I'll get any more. Maybe if they're on sale. The weekly comics were pretty weak, with nothing really making much impression. DC's Countdown was horrible. It gets two more shots before I cut it loose. Morrison's Batman was extremely forgettable, as was the story finale in Uncanny X-Men (Brubaker's only weak spot) and the series finale of The Ultimates. Ex Machina lurches along making virtually no impact at all, but it's still well done. Mighty Avengers was entertaining, but it would be nice for the story to really get moving.

Best of the week was Warren Ellis' Blackgas 2 #2. Zombie horror and extraordinarily bleak ending. No one is safe, that's for sure.

Best Music: No new music this week, but I've been listening to old Bowie, Clutch (of course) and Tool. Tool's coming in concert in July. Or at least they say they are. We'll see if they actually show up this time. I don't know who's opening for them. Isis opened for them in the fall leg of the tour and that would have been nice. I don't think we'll get that lucky.

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