Monday, February 23, 2009

Shadow Over Innsmouth in a Minute Thirty-Eight

This is just fucking awesome.

Lyrics by The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.


  1. Excellent, apart from the bloke's inability to lip-synch properly. Bah!

    I'm still astonished that there isn't a proper film version of this story. Unlike the rest of HPL's work, this one is actually pretty filmic and would translate to the screen really well. Dagon is okay, but it changes things for no reason at all, and the ending is absurd.

  2. I barely remember Dagon. Should probably check it out again.

    Apparently the newish film Cthulhu is based on "Innsmouth" but with a homosexuality element thrown in. I'm curious about it, but Tori Spelling is in it and that just dashes any hopes I have.

    I've got an old videotape of a low-budget, black and white, strict adaptation that's actually quite good. Not sure if it's available anywhere else, though, and can't find it online. Hmmmm.