Friday, November 07, 2008

Liars, One and All...

While I appreciate the kind words from conservative Republicans, both in and out of politics, who declare how proud they are of America for making the historic choice of the first African-American President, if they didn't vote for him or support him, then what are they proud of, really? They didn't help make this historic choice. They fought it tooth and nail, spewing bile and tearing their hair the whole way.

What was all that paranoia and hateful rhetoric about if, in their hearts, they really think this is a day to be proud of America. They're proud because we stopped them? Because their hostility, slander, bigotry, and all the other reasons they shouted (or encouraged the shouting of) "Kill him!" and "Terrorist!" and "Traitor!" at all those rallies lost them the election?

I don't believe them. They are liars. They were liars throughout the campaign and there's no reason to believe that they are telling the truth now. If the fear of a Black President was so great that they resorted to linking him, however tenuously, to Muslim terrorists, questioning his citizenship, doubting his parentage, his sexuality, his "socialist" agenda (this being the only "substantive" attack against his policies - the others all being slanderous hints and intimations - and some outright declarations), then do you really believe that suddenly they're glad that lost that fight?

If you called him Anti-American last week, and this week are proud of America for electing him, you're a liar. Either before or now. One of those statements wasn't actually honest.

My gut says it's the ass-kissing now that are the lies.

If you voted to stop the first Black President from being elected, you don't get a pass by saying how proud you are of everyone else for beating you. Fucking ridiculous.

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