Sunday, August 31, 2008

On the Anti-Christ and Other Time Wasters...

So when I'm at work, typing away and listening to music on my headphones (today it was all Clutch all the time - but I've really been digging Spiderbait lately - and that new Mugison is fantastic!) lots of things go through my mind. Rarely is it a day when the thoughts stick with me long enough to blog about them.

Because, really, who gives a shit about the things that wander through my brainpan while "10001110101" or "What Would a Wookie Do?" is playing?

1. But I was thinking today about the Anti-Christ and how some nutjobs out there are claiming that Obama may be the Son of Satan. And not the cool one:

But if I understand the mythology of this stupid-ass shit, we won't know the identity of the Anti-Christ until it's too late. And aren't there a bunch of false prophets to look out for, too? Like maybe "Christians" who go around calling people "Anti-Christs" perchance?

And even if Obama were the Anti-Christ, shouldn't real Christians be kind of backhandedly rooting for him/her to take power? I'm pretty sure Jesus can't come back until after the Anti-Christ has mucked things up good. So the quicker we get the Anti-Christ in power, the quicker Jesus can come clean things up, right?

Damn, people are stupid.

Anyway, anyone who thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ should be out rallying the Democratic voters, getting out the vote and all that, bussing people to polling places, etc.

2. Thinking about this crazy superstitous bullshit, of course, led me to thinking about how Christians are always reading and quoting the Old Testement. That kind of bugs me.

I mean, one of the main reasons the Jesus Myth was even thought up was to make a break from that crazy-ass "eye for an eye" "it's okay to own slaves" "can't touch a woman who's menstruating" "putting to death those who work on the Sabbath" and whatnot. Jesus' new Laws were pretty simple really.

Love each other. Forgive people who offend you. Don't cast a stone if you're not without sin. Pretty easy, forgiving, hippie kind of shit, you know?

I don't think anyone who quotes Old Testement Law about anything is a real Christian. They may actually be one of those "False Prophets" I mentioned earlier.

You know, if any of that crap was real.

But really, who gives a shit, anyway. It's all made up bullshit designed to keep poor people in their places, doing their shit jobs, living their shit lives, without making a fuss, because they'll be "rewarded" when they're dead.

Brilliant stuff, I admit, from a Social Control perspective.

Hell, Jesus was even all "pay your taxes and stop bitching" with that "render unto Caesar" routine.

3. I'm playing Fantasy Football in four different leagues this year. That's going to be a bitch to coordinate.

4. I really should buy a replacement battery for my MP3 player. I've had my Creative Labs Nomad Zen Xtra for years now. Surely newer batteries hold charges longer. Granted, this one still plays pretty continuously for around seven hours, but longer would be nice. Especially for when I work those full eight hour shifts (or longer).

I'd like to buy a new MP3 player, but I'm spoiled by having 40 Gig of hard drive space and don't want to go any lower. I'm already not able to carry everything I want on this thing.

80 Gig would be great.

5. I need a new watch. Well, I don't really need a new watch, but I'd like a new watch. My current watch (a Timex Ironman Datalink - it keeps all my phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdays) has a pretty crap band. The first one broke last year sometime, and now the new band has broken. And it's one of those plasticy-rubbery bands (resin, maybe?) that when it breaks, it literally snaps in two.

So I've been wearing my dress watch for the past few days. And it's nice and pretty, but has no alarms or any tricked out shit that makes me love it with all my geeky heart.

Don't get me wrong. I like it a lot. It's just not my everyday watch. I'm constantly worried I'll scratch it up.

Because of this, I've spent the past few evenings hunting for watches online. Again, I don't need one (I just need a new watchband), but I'd like a change.

I'll probably end up getting a Casio that's Solar powered and synced to the Atomic Clock in Colorado. But what I'd really like is this, the Tokyoflash Rogue:

Is that awesome or what? Not only does it look great, but no one else will be able to tell what time it is when they look at my watch.

It's expensive though. And I'm not sure why I wouldn't worry about scratching it up, when I worry about scratching up my dress watch that probably cost a lot less, but was still more expensive than I would have paid myself (it was a gift).

But damn, that Rogue is cool.

6. My fourth Fantasy Football draft is tonight. In about 20 minutes, in fact. I guess I should get going then.

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  1. Thanks for the big post Brian! From what I understand of the xtian mythos, at least as it's currently interpreterd, is that the anti-christ is supposed to be jewish, so that would rule out Obama. Not that that would help the right hate him any less.

    I can't stand some of the people in my (WoW) guild. We usually steer clear of politics, but the subject of the election came up yesterday and these two guys were going on about how much Obama sucks and how with McCain's new VP pick, he's going to be toast. Urg.

    These people think the Iraq war was a hunky-dory idea and that Bush isn't as bad a president as people make him out to be, etc. These guys make my blood boil. I wish I knew of a atheist guild somewhere.

    It's funny, I end up forming friendships of sorts with these folks, but then we get into this kind of discussion and it makes me not want to have anything to do with them.