Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Reviews: Week of April 11

Anna Mercury #1

Walking Dead #48

Criminal 2 #2

Punisher #56

Star Trek: The Key Collection, Volume 1


  1. Heh, the only comics I have are ST ones. In fact back in the late 80's I spent some efforts collecting the Gold Key series. I'd say I have as much as 3/4 of them in various conditions (though all have covers). They have been double-bagged and backed in a comic storage box since then.

    I've always hoped these might be worth something someday. They are very cheesy but in a good way. Definately classic Trek collectors items.

  2. Hopefully, I'll get to review the next couple of collections. The publisher, in a clever move to get some promotion, asked us what books we would like to see and review, then sent us free copies!!!

    I don't get paid to write reviews, but it's definitely got some nice perks now and then. :)