Monday, March 05, 2007

I"m a Loser, Baby...

So here it is; another weekly writing deadline is about to arrive and I have nothing. Nothing but excuses, that is.

It really is amazing how many things can distract me from doing what I really want (and actually enjoy) to do each week. Or is that pathetic? Yeah, it's definitely pathetic. I can sit around all day long, doing absolutely nothing, as if it were some sort of accomplishment.

Although to be honest, I do have teaching work to do. Papers to grade, assignments to plan, etc.

Except I don't do enough of that stuff either.

Next week there will definitely be some writing done.

I plan on either continuing the storyline I've already started (which is not what I want to do) or jumping head first into the next character's story (which is what I really want to do). The only problem with the new character's story, is that I'm not happy at all with where the first draft starts out with her. I'm thinking about reworking her entire introduction and her situation, and that's really what's got me distracted, I think. That's a lot of work. Much more than just working on a simple rewrite.

So while I grade papers and plan my classes and work my night job, I need to be thinking about this character (Emma's her name - which is odd, since I now have a cat by that name), and how to introduce her, plunge her into peril, and get her to her next major plot point.

Here goes.

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