Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little Turds at Crunchtime

Ok, so my second week of rewriting has finished. Thank christ.

I had almost 2 pages of original story from the first draft and expanded it to 7 pages of crap. The only plus is that now three characters who had no personalities (or names, really) in the first draft, all have names and are fairly interesting (to me, anyway). Of course, that occurs by having a big block of exposition settled down firmly in the middle of a scene of a guy standing under a tree for a few minutes. Oy.

Oh well. I never really thought that this thing would be complete after a second draft. That's crazy thinking any way I look at it. So at least I have "real" characters to torture and kill, now. Should make the bad things that are about to happen matter a little more. Maybe. A couple of drafts down the road.


The worst part is that I blew off writing all week and instead crapped out these pages at the last minute (as if I were still in college). Granted, the last time I wrote consistently was when I was in college, but that's no excuse to keep up that kind of stupid "schedule." I had all day Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (before going to work in the evening) and then all day Sunday, and for some reason, only wrote on Sunday. Late Sunday. Horrible.

So that's gotta change. Otherwise I might as well just not bother.

The whole point of this is to actually write something worth reading, isn't it? Why am I asking you? Anyway, I want to write something worth reading. Not something important, just something fun and entertaining and a little disturbing at times. But if I want to do that, then I have to do it. Not just blow it off and crap out little turds at crunchtime.

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